Efficient Warehouse Design: Maximizing Space Utilization

Discover how we transformed a warehouse, maximizing space with racking placement, and equipment considerations for efficient operations and storage.
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Cristyn Narciso
Cristyn Narciso
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I found this course very informative and easy to understand. I am just getting started in working with supply chains/manufacturing and enjoyed this free course.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar
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Very basic but yet an effective course. An easy explanation of different processes of a Supply Chain. The mentor has explained everything through pictures and flow charts which made it easy to understand. He has also provided the slides used in the course for later reference. Good for anyone who is new to the Supply Cain. I really wish him to create a more detailed and advanced course.
Laverne Angela Gadiah
Laverne Angela Gadiah
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Thank you for a very clear, easy to follow and concise course. It was informative and definitely on point.
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Client Requirements

A 16,000 sq ft warehouse was in need of outfitting with racking and other necessary equipment, such as forklifts. In order to maximize the potential of the warehouse, the plan must include a design that confirms the placement of the racking, as well as the number of pallet spaces available.

A comprehensive design that ensures the optimal use of the warehouse space was necessary to guarantee the most efficient use of space, enabling the warehouse to store the greatest number of pallets possible.

In addition, the plan must take into consideration the proper use of safety protocols and the necessary equipment to ensure the safe operation of the warehouse and the goods stored within.

Our Methodology

To ensure maximum safety and optimal efficiency when handling inventory, it is essential to determine the types of pallets and racking systems that should be used. This decision should be based on the mass and weight of the inventory, as well as the load and space requirements of the warehouse. It is important to remember that the pallets and racking systems should be able to bear the weight of the inventory, while also allowing for easy and organized storage and retrieval. The pallets and racking systems should also be suitable for the type and size of the inventory, and be able to withstand the environmental and weather conditions of the warehouse.

Racking Types Selection

As inventory requirements become increasingly complex, it is essential to create different racking types for optimized use of 3-dimensional space. This is essential for establishing a 3-dimensional capacity that meets the needs of a specific forklift and its capabilities. To ensure the most efficient use of space, it’s important to assess the size and weight of inventory, the number of SKUs, and the available space for racking.

Forklift Requirements

We have established a 3-dimensional capacity to meet and exceed all forklift capabilities. This capacity includes the ability to handle a variety of loads up to a maximum weight of 10,000 pounds and a maximum height of 15 feet. Our versatile fleet of forklifts is equipped with the latest safety features, including anti-tip protection, ergonomic controls, and 360-degree visibility. We also offer a wide range of additional capabilities, such as palletizing, lifting, and maneuvering. With our wide range of options and capabilities, we can meet almost any forklift requirement, no matter how challenging the task.

Suppliers Research

We have selected established suppliers who can provide high-quality spares and replacements. These suppliers have demonstrated a consistent level of quality, reliability, and professionalism that we value and trust. 

Suppliers Selection

We created a detailed matrix of suppliers, evaluating different factors such as technical specifications, pricing, and lead times to ensure that we could make an informed selection of the best possible vendor. We took into consideration various factors, such as the cost-effectiveness of each supplier, the timeline of delivery, and the quality of the product, in order to ensure that we found the most suitable supplier for our needs.

Furthermore, the matrix system was implemented to ensure that we could easily compare different vendors, allowing us to make an informed decision that was based on the data collected in the matrix. This process helped our client to identify the optimal vendor for our needs without compromising on quality and cost.

The Outcomes

Based on the client’s current inventory items, lead times to manufacture, and desired optimized inventory levels, we provided various design plans to meet three distinct scenarios. We thoroughly analyzed each scenario to determine the best possible solution for the client.

Our team worked diligently to ensure that the design plans would be able to meet the client’s goals and expectations. We utilized our industry knowledge and experience to develop plans that would not only be cost-effective but also viable in the long term.

The design plans we have put together helped the client to achieve their desired inventory levels and lead times.

Layout Design

We provide a comprehensive layout design that utilizes multiple racking types, delivering an optimized 3-dimensional layout for both fast and low-frequency inventory requirements. Our team of experienced professionals is highly trained in the latest layout design principles and is dedicated to ensuring that your layout is efficient and maximizes the available space.

Through a combination of experience, expertise, and modern technology, we can create a layout that meets your needs in a cost-effective manner. With our design, you can rest assured that your inventory will be organized and accessible, giving you the ability to manage your inventory more efficiently and improve your overall operations.

Forklifts Selection

We provided a comprehensive list of suitable forklifts, along with quotations, to help guide your decision-making process. Our team of professionals has carefully evaluated each of the models on the list and has made suggestions based on their individual merits.

We have factored in criteria such as budget, lift capacity, fuel type, and other essential features in order to ensure that you receive the most suitable forklift for your needs. Furthermore, we are available to provide further assistance and advice, should the need arise.


We provided a GANTT chart, a comprehensive list of equipment, services, and accessories, detailed quotations, and thorough supplier contacts in order to ensure the successful and timely launch of the e-commerce warehouse.

Our team took the time to carefully research and evaluate the market to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet the warehouse’s needs. With our comprehensive set of resources and tools, our clients can be certain that the launch of their e-commerce warehouse will be both timely and successful.

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