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Supply Chain Management includes the entire process from identifying a customer requirement to delivery of that customer part on time, every time, of the quality that they require. Sourcing is a part of Supply Chain Management and is primarily dedicated to identifying the right manufacturer or supplier that can provide the product to the customer’s specifications.

Procurement is the process of getting the materials you need. Sourcing is finding, comparing, and choosing the suppliers of those materials.

Global sourcing is critical in identifying the right product for your product conversion.  Companies that excel in supplying products worldwide are more competitive in the global market and to select the right raw material or service they combine quality, cost, environment, lead time, to mention some of the most notable factors.

We globally source items for industries such as automotive, mechanical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, packaging, and many others. We focus mainly on value-added or complex industrial goods that require a certain degree of research and information exchange with suppliers.

Size is really not the main factor when it comes to evaluating the benefits of sourcing. The main factors you need to determine are the type of product, required part or component and precision level. It’s also important to carefully analyze the packaging requirements.

We would love to give you a fast quote. But since one of the core values of our company is to go for a high quality of service we give a lot of attention to reviewing all the requirements of the product in question. We also consult our clients on various details involved in sourcing the needed product. This is aimed at saving our clients time, money and efforts while achieving the best results.

No, there aren’t.

Sourcing Ideas

We are in your pocket 

We are not sellers but your buyers

We don’t get commissions

We understand our suppliers

We always recommend requesting samples before producing on an industrial scale or placing a large purchase order. We offer the option to coordinate the delivery of samples to your location.

Providing us with price targets allows us the ability to better identify the supply source that will best meet your needs and provide you with the quality you deserve.

Our commitment to your organization does not end when an alliance partner is selected. Rather, Upkaizen meets the long-term strategic initiatives of its clients by finding the people and facilities best suited to their needs and then staying involved to monitor the continuous improvement process.

There is a lot that goes into globally sourcing international products for domestic use. Depending on the quantity and complexity of products being produced, the machine time can be a few weeks or months.

Sometimes a large amount of the total lead time we quote is waiting to be scheduled by the factory. It may sound frustrating, but it’s a natural result of being part of the complex manufacturing world.

Even though we work extremely hard to establish long-term supplier relationships, market forces require us to monitor performance and take advantage of every cost-saving opportunity available. This is just one but crucial part of our continuous improvement process.

 Lean is a way of working with our processes to eliminate waste or non-value-added activities from the operating process. Using various Lean Manufacturing tools then the value stream can be analyzed and improved through techniques such as SMED, 5S, 7 Wastes, and Standard Work amongst others.

The aim of implementing the Lean & Kaizen system is basically to save cost and maximize the profitability of the company. Using its philosophy and the tools helps you realize that aim in a structured and sustainable manner.

The effectiveness is usually measured according to production cost, quality, and productivity.

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “change for better”. Kaizen offers an improvement management methodology that is mainly used in the industrial world.

5S is about safety and productivity. The 5S stands for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The concept was initially applied to housekeeping but it is far, far more than that. This really is a change process that will benefit many work team members’ behavior and attitude.

Starting to utilize Lean & Kaizen does not automatically mean the purchase of costly equipment. It is about changing the way in which people operate and communicate. Lean & Kaizen principles challenge the traditional top-down management style by demonstrating how Team development and teamwork can improve productivity in the processes of any company.

An operating system based on Lean & Kaizen is applicable to any business. It’s not a rigid prescriptive process but rather a process that achieves the end result in a flexible manner by following guidelines. The fact that Lean & Kaizen is a process directed towards a set of Principles means that it can be applied to any operation.

Consultants are more than able to accelerate the transformation of any business. It is much easier to understand new principles if they can be explained in detail with practical examples to aid the understanding. Without external support then the new techniques of Lean & Kaizen can be applied but with perhaps less efficiency and more time consumed. To have someone to follow through the process is usually easier to understand and roll out.

To put it simply, there is no real “best” time to start implementing Lean & Kaizen. The whole process is worthwhile once the senior leadership team puts in their best efforts because even when change is sparked, it needs strong leadership to keep going.

     Pro tip: Persevere and don’t quit. Bring at least a small improvement every day.

Definitely! Lean & Kaizen can and should be applied to all areas of your business. Many companies spend tons of energy on Operations, but there are just as many savings to be made in the office or indirect activities.