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From resource planning and operations management to strategic planning and market research, UPKAIZEN offers the best advice.

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Industrial Engineering
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We support organizations in achieving the highest level of efficiency possible. We take care of converting materials, labor, and resources into goods and services in the most efficient way, for the maximum benefit to your organization. We try to balance costs with revenue to achieve the highest possible net operating profit.

Strategic Operations Management

We help to develop and execute customized operational strategies that align with specific goals and objectives of our clients.

Operational Excellence

We assist our clients in the implementation of continuous improvement tools that optimize their production processes.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

We help our clients implement effective tools to improve capacity management and manufacturing resource planning.

Factory Audit

We help our manufacturing clients improve their performance with on-site process audits.

Digital Transformation

We help our clients implement the best digital tools and technologies.

Investment Analysis

We help our clients to analyze the feasibility of investment projects in machinery and equipment.


We help our clients to assess the likelihood of potential disruptions and develop contingency plans to minimize their impact and improve their planning cycles. We analyze the value chain of our clients’ businesses to identify any weak points or vulnerabilities. Once the areas of risk are identified, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop tailored strategies that are specific to their business needs.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations to anticipate unfavorable scenarios before they occur, and to take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Research and Analytics

Our supply chain research services include in-depth analysis of market trends, customer demand, and competitor activity, using tools for data analysis.

Sourcing & Procurement

We assist our clients in sourcing goods, software, and services for the conversion of their products.

Inventory Management

We help our clients to better manage their inventory, whether it be raw materials, work in process, or finished goods.


We help our clients with the design of their warehouses, taking into account everything from the flow of products and inventory levels to the needs of personnel and equipment.

Supply Chain Sustainability

We help our clients minimize waste by examining all aspects of the logistics process, from packaging and transportation to storage and distribution.


We strongly believe that human capital is an important asset in your organization. We provide executive training for leaders and create tailor-made training courses in Operational Excellence for your team members.

Executive Coaching

We provide personal development and leadership tools for managers pursuing excellence.


We offer tailor-made programs to help manufacturing teams reach their full potential.


We provide lectures and seminars to enhance the professional development of organizations.

From resource planning and operations management to strategic planning and market research, UPKAIZEN offers the best advice.

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