How Lean Manufacturing Conquers the 6 Big Losses?

Manufacturers are constantly battling downtime. Lean manufacturing breaks this enemy into six smaller, more manageable losses, to boost productivity.
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Cristyn Narciso
Cristyn Narciso
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I found this course very informative and easy to understand. I am just getting started in working with supply chains/manufacturing and enjoyed this free course.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar
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Very basic but yet an effective course. An easy explanation of different processes of a Supply Chain. The mentor has explained everything through pictures and flow charts which made it easy to understand. He has also provided the slides used in the course for later reference. Good for anyone who is new to the Supply Cain. I really wish him to create a more detailed and advanced course.
Laverne Angela Gadiah
Laverne Angela Gadiah
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Thank you for a very clear, easy to follow and concise course. It was informative and definitely on point.
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The enemy of every manufacturer? Downtime. Lost production equals lost profits. Lean manufacturing tackles this head-on by breaking downtime into six key “Big Losses” and offering tools to conquer them.

The Six Big Losses

  1. Equipment Breakdowns: Machines malfunctioning? Lean helps prevent these costly disruptions.
  2. Setup and Adjustments: Long changeovers? Lean streamlines this process.
  3. Idling and Minor Stoppages: Machines not running at full capacity? Lean identifies and eliminates these inefficiencies.
  4. Speed Reduction: Production slowing down? Lean helps maintain optimal output.
  5. Quality Losses: Defects dragging you down? Lean promotes quality from the start.
  6. Startup Losses: Rejects during initial production? Lean minimizes these wasteful occurrences.

The Lean Arsenal

Lean tools are your weapons against these losses. Key ones include:

The OEE Advantage

This metric pinpoints where losses occur, allowing you to focus your efforts. By minimizing downtime, OEE helps you:

  • Increase production capacity
  • Improve product quality
  • Boost overall manufacturing efficiency

The Takeaway

Lean tools are your secret weapon to combat downtime and boost profitability. By identifying and addressing the six big losses, you can:

  • Optimize operations
  • Increase efficiency
  • Gain a competitive edge

Embrace continuous improvement and watch your manufacturing success soar!

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