Insights for Entrepreneurs: Building a Successful Business

Discover valuable insights and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on building a successful business and providing superior customer service.
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Cristyn Narciso
Cristyn Narciso
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I found this course very informative and easy to understand. I am just getting started in working with supply chains/manufacturing and enjoyed this free course.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar
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Very basic but yet an effective course. An easy explanation of different processes of a Supply Chain. The mentor has explained everything through pictures and flow charts which made it easy to understand. He has also provided the slides used in the course for later reference. Good for anyone who is new to the Supply Cain. I really wish him to create a more detailed and advanced course.
Laverne Angela Gadiah
Laverne Angela Gadiah
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Thank you for a very clear, easy to follow and concise course. It was informative and definitely on point.
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UPKAIZEN Coaches Excellence in Every Step

Delve into our insightful interview with UPKAIZEN, a thriving venture located in Tallinn, Estonia, led by Founder and CEO, Dante Garcia, as interviewed by GoSolo – Subkit.

Discover the essence of UPKAIZEN’s business model, gain insights into their customer-centric approach, and explore the unique journey of their founder. We explore the challenges and triumphs faced by Dante Garcia as a business owner, unraveling the secrets behind one of the hardest things and the biggest accomplishments in the entrepreneurial realm.

For those aspiring to start, run, and grow their own business, Dante generously shares top tips and invaluable advice, providing a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this interview is a treasure trove of wisdom and practical insights, brought to you by GoSolo – Subkit.


Question: What’s One Of The Hardest Things That Come With Being A Business Owner?

Answer: One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of being a business owner is providing superior services to clients. This means investing in the right resources to ensure customer satisfaction, such as qualified staff and quality materials.

It also requires a continuing focus on customer service, responding promptly to requests, and understanding customer needs. Providing superior service also means staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and making changes as needed to ensure customer satisfaction. It requires a commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service, which is essential to the success of any business.

If you ever feel lost about your goals for your business, you can always pause and breathe for a while. Always go back and review why you started this business in the first place.


3 Things To Keep My Mindset Clear

Follow these 3 things to keep my mindset clear:

  1. Do what you love and embrace it with all your heart.
  2. Have a purpose in life that is meaningful to you, and strive to reach it.
  3. Believe in yourself regardless of any obstacles that come your way, and persevere no matter how difficult it may seem.

Have a journey toward a successful entrepreneurship!


Full Interview

Read the full interview of Team Subkit with Dante Garcia here.

Embark on this entrepreneurial odyssey with UPKAIZEN and GoSolo – Subkit, and let the journey inspire your own ventures! Discover how our tailored operations management services can help you improve the operational performance of your organization.


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