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Our Team

Our Team

People Behind uPKAIZEN .

Dante García
CEO & Founder upKaizen
Rebecca Van
Social Media Manager
Olena Ivanytsya
Analeah Mira Gutierrez
Sourcing Specialist

Dante García


Dante is the founder of Upkaizen. Over the past twenty years, Dante has been helping to manage global teams and helping innovative businesses and Fortune-500 companies to grow using Kaizen principles. His background in engineering and supply chain and operations management informs his mindful but competitive approach.

Dante is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural environments. He considers himself a ‘global student’, eager to build on his academic foundations in engineering and management, and stay in tune with digital entrepreneurship-style through continued coursework and world travel.

Dante believes mindfulness in the workplace is key to success – a tenet he lives out through his interests in consulting, coaching and training.

Dante is currently working as a business consultant director in Upkaizen and is always interested in a challenge.

Rebecca Van Oosterwijck

Social Media Manager

Rebecca is a certified virtual assistant helping Upkaizen with administrative tasks like Wordpress, blog post, proofreading, improving presentations in powerpoint, social media post, web research, and SEO.

Previously, she was a Brand Ambassador in Cetaphil where she helped them promote their products. It’s a big transition for her from the corporate world to work online. 

Now Rebecca works with CEO’s at companies like E-commerce, branding, social media management, and customer service. In Upkaizen she shows an unmatched ability to widen her knowledge and opportunities, as she is strongly convinced there are no shortcuts with things we do, only hard work, training hard, be patient, and it will pay off.

Olena Ivanytsya

Operations Manager

Olena originally started working for Upkaizen as a Sourcing Specialist. But now her activities also include implementing the right processes and practices across the company, mentoring the team members, assisting with forming strategic objectives and plenty more. 

Time spent in the company encouraged her to boost my professional and personal qualities in leadership, organizational and communication skills, and familiarise with business and financial principles. All of that now allows her not only to bolster up its growth, but also to improve greatly in other activities she takes passion in, like landscape architecture and archery.

She strongly believes in the philosophy adopted by Upkaizen to strive for constant improvement, honesty and perseverance, which gives her a privilege to share it for the benefit of businesses and individuals around the globe.

Analeah Mira Gutierrez

Sourcing Specialist

Analeah is one of the newest team members and does an outstanding job with  taking care of presentation layouts and supplier sourcing. She is still in the process of learning Kaizen and applying it to her daily activities under the mentoring of Upkaizen.  

Having worked with multiple multinational companies across different industries enabled her to gain various skills and experience with different cultures, organizational styles, communication and ways of handling financial information.

She is very passionate about health and people, growing up in the provinces. A gym junkie, fitness enthusiast and fur mom, she’s been a believer that learning and improving oneself is the best service she could give to others.

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