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Martin A. Akamine



Specialised in strategies and development for organizations, Martin is a
Coach, Business Consultant and University Profesor, dedicated to giving
lectures and trainning to differents audiences,
such as educational and corporate.
Martin has over 25 years of experience in leadership positions. He began
his professional career as a worker, got several promotions in operations
and supply chain, where he reached the position of Regional Director. He
was also a member of the Board of several multinational companies in
Latin America (Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, Dominos), which included
being in charge of opening new markets in different countries.
Well known for his japanese DNA applied to business, he has been
awarded for “Young Oustanding Nikkei” and bestowed upon “Merit
Diploma” granted by the Japanese Embassy in Argentina, and was
recently chosen as the “Latin America and Caribbean Nikkei Leader “ for
strenghtenig Japan´s relationship with the region.
He is also one of the founding members of Argentina´s Nikkei Network
and creator of the Nikkei Global Network.


With a life full of obstacles and drawbacks , Martin has made it trough
building his own destiny due to his will to self teaching. Martin can share
his personal experiences of self-improvement and growth.
But mainly he has focused on leading his life bringing together the work
he has done in self knowledge and introspection with learning and
incessant growth, but mostly with self enjoyment.

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